Library Services

$ .25 per page for color
$ .10 per page for black & white
Fax Services
Outgoing only, $1.00 for the first 3 pages, $ .25 for each additional page.
Copy Machine
Black & white only, $ .10 per page.
Public Internet Workstations
Use your library card to log in at a computer or get a guest pass at the circulation desk. 
Windows 10, Microsoft Office software. 

Overhead Scanner
Scan to email, print, or USB.

Microfilm Scanner
Access our microfilm collection and scan to print or USB.

C/W MARS Library Card

The Uxbridge Free Public Library participates in the C/W Mars network, which serves the libraries of Central and Western Massachusetts. If you are a cardholder, you may use any of the participating libraries.

To become a member of the Library, you must complete an application. Copies are available here or at the Library. Please submit completed applications to the Library -- make sure to bring a form of identification and proof of current mailing address.