Rocket Languages Newsletter and Local Authors

Rocket Languages Newsletter

Uxbridge Library extends thanks to our local authors for a successful open house:

Caroline E. Zani-
Have you ever wondered if you have lived a life before this one? Have you ever been visited by a loved one in Spirit? Have you ever wondered why that "gut feeling" is always right?  These were things author Caroline Zani never considered until Spirit got her attention in some very powerful ways. Writing Piper was just the beginning.
Caroline works as an intuitive medium and never tires of delivering messages from Spirit to her clients. Writing Piper, Once and Again was a labor of love that has taken on a life of its own and is helping those struggling with loss and finding meaning in the lessons we came to life to learn. In addition to book groups by Skype and in person, the she also teaches intuition development classes to guide others on their journey of connecting with their Loved Ones in Spirit and learning how their own intuition can help them navigate Life in a richer way. Her message of "You are never alone" is one that gives hope and inspiration to many. She resides in Massachusetts with her husband and four-legged soulmates.
Visit: to learn more. Connect on Facebook: Caroline E Zani, Author and Piper, Once and Again
 Gail Van Kleeck is a sometimes wise, often funny, perspective-expanding author and an interior designer who refers to herself as “The Home Decorating Fairy Godmother.” 
Her decorating e-book, The Magical Interior Design Guide, is a systematic guide for beginning with what you already have and creating a more comfortable, welcoming home.  Moving with Ease and Confidence is her second home-related book and a must-read guide for anyone who is moving or contemplating a move.   Both books are based on her more than 30 years of interior design experience and her passion for making a difference.
Gail recently moved to Northbridge from Westwood and is becoming an enthusiastic member of the community.   You can learn more about her books and CDs by going to or email,
Michael B. Proud is a U. S. Army Soldier (former active duty, current National Guard), who moonlights as a novelist.  He has published one book thus far; a fictional crime novel titled Losers and Sinners.  Though a crime novel, the author says, “It’s more than just a book about a made-up Mafia family and all the crime commit.  The protagonist of the book is a very bad person, with addictions to drugs and courtesans, but he identifies all his flaws, and throughout the book, he tries to change himself for the better, or at least what he thinks that society thinks is a solid citizen.”  The author has plans to publish sequels of the book in the future, along with other books in different genres.  “I’m not a one trick pony!” Mr. Proud says.
Orlando Corona is a long time Uxbridge resident who recently published a website. The genesis of his website began over twenty years ago when Orlando woke up one morning with a question in his head—what happened?  Something just did not seem right in his life and, when he looked around, things seemed out of kilter in the lives of his friends and neighbors, too.  A look at the news told him something was not right in our country or in the World.  Therefore, he set out on a journey looking for answers.  The result of that journey is the new website “What the H*** Happened?” created by Orlando and his team where they present the ‘The Case Against The Rigged System,’ inspired by author Chuck Collins and his books 99 To 1 and Born On Third Base.  After an extensive examination of the subject, the “What The Hell Happened?” website was created to explain in a simple, easy-to- understand format, the complicated issue of the rigged system in the U.S.,  and what people can do to empower themselves to influence public policy. You can check out this important website at where a free e-book by the same name is available.  You can also contact Orlando by email,